No Medical Exam Life Insurance – Can It Cover Funeral Expenses?

When we first hear of “no medical exam life insurance”, we immediately associate those words with limited financial protection and intimidating prices. Well, we can tell you that you have serious misconceptions and you should review this policy again. If offers a high degree of protection, including financial support for paying medical bills and it can cover funeral expenses.

Funeral Image3No exam life insurance policies are designed to be flexible and adapt to the unique requirements and features of every applicant. Do not vacillate to ask a local insurance agent for more information or research online for no exam life insurance.

When it comes to financial protection, nothing beats the benefits offered by life insurance. It is both an investment and a protection tool that guarantees financial stability for your family for worst case-scenarios. The loss of an important wage earner is certainly one of those worst case scenarios.

The budget will be immediately unbalanced and the bills will cost more than what the family affords paying for.  It is a grim reality, but we must accept it and seek means to limit the negative impact. All policies, including no exam life insurance, seek to financially compensate the loss by offering monetary death benefits.

But, if you have specific goals, like saving enough money for covering the funeral expenses, you can only apply for no exam life insurance. Final expense insurance is a low cost insurance, which can be quickly obtained by anyone and does not even require medical examinations.

The maximum amounts of coverage are very limited, but they are enough to cover a normal funeral.  We recommend you first to visit a local funeral house, talk with a funeral director about this and decide which services are best for you and how much will everything cost. Then, you can apply for life insurance with a realistic sum in your mind.  Those that inform themselves always make a better choice.

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by Ciprian Gurgu