No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Former Cancer Patients

Surviving cancer is one of the rarest miracles it can happen to you. Luckily, medicine has made huge progress in defeating this terrible disease and more experimental procedures are being tested as we speak. But let us focus on those that survived medical treatments and surgical procedures and they had their tumors removed.

Cancer_patient3Although in some cases, the effects of cancer are removed and the body is fully functional, they will not be accepted by many life insurance companies.  In most cases the only available option is no medical exam life insurance for former cancer patients.

Even though you think you are totally cured, the cancer has the nasty habit of reoccurring after several years. For example, those that had colon cancer have a greater chance of re-occurrence after 2 or 3 years since it were removed, affecting the next segment of the digestive tube. That is the main reason why companies are not that sympathetic towards cancer survivors.

Still, if you apply for no exam life insurance, you will have better odds of being accepted. It is known that companies selling no exam policies are willing to take a higher risk. But, in most cases, you will have to divulge the nature of your problem and how it was treated. More exactly, you will have to say what type of cancer you had, how it was treated and how effective was the treatment.

Medical records will be valuable to the insurer and it can be in your favor if they have shown positive progress and the medics noted that you have followed exactly the treatment and all recommendations. With the help of brokerage websites you can find quite affordable deals. Access quotes build specifically for former cancer survivors.

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