A History Of Heart Attacks? Buy No Exam Life Insurance!

heart-attackIf you have a history of heart attacks, you can still buy no exam life insurance. These plans provide affordable life insurance without asking for medical examinations. The advantage is that you will be able to get coverage in a fast and convenient way.

Heart problems are very common in The United States and it is better to purchase life coverage as soon as possible to prevent any financial hardships befalling your loved ones, in case you die too soon.

How to find life insurance?

If you have a history of heart attacks, it is important to search for quotes. The insurance market is a competitive one and some agencies have specialized in providing coverage for clients who are terminally ill.

Consulting an independent insurance broker will also help you find life insurance faster. If an agency refuses to cover you, do not give up; instead, try applying to a different provider.

How will rates be affected?

If you have a history of heart attacks, the policy’s rates will, no doubt, increase. The agency wants to be sure that the risks of insuring someone in your condition are covered. The best rates you will be able to get are standard and sometimes the rating can be lower than that.

The rates are calculated based on your medical condition. It very much depends on how serious your heart condition is. If you had multiple heart attacks, you will have to pay more, while someone who had only one incident will pay less.

 Why no medical exam life insurance?

No exam life issuance has several advantages which make it a perfect choice for someone in your condition:

  • Fast coverage. You do not have to go through tiring and time consuming medical examinations. In fact, you will be able to get coverage in less than 24 hours!

  • Simple application process. In order to qualify, you have to complete a simple application form.

  • Accessible. Since the underwriting process is simplified, you have higher chances of being eligible for a plan.

If you have a history of heart attacks, do not give up on life insurance. We can help you find the best rates by finding quotes from different providers. Visits us for a free quote!

by Bogdan Moisa